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Academy School Leadership Council

Each WSESD Leadership Council has its own webpage. This page contains relevant materials for the Academy School LC

Agendas (containing videoconference links) and Minutes are available below. Most schools also advertise LC meetings on social media and in school newsletters.  As well, a link to the Academy School Leadership Council page on the school website is provided below.

Academy School Leadership Council


Academy School

Wakana Aguilar (parent)

Moriah Carney (parent)

Alix Joyal (parent)

Alisha Kaeppel (parent)

Hannah Lindner-Finlay (parent)

Emily Megas-Russell (parent)

Shaunna Morris (parent)

Abby Mnookin (parent)

Gwyneth Mogg-Hall (parent)

Amaryah Pendelbury (parent)

Jen Sinton (parent)

Carrie Szlasa Dix (parent) – Co-Chair

Larisa Volkavichuyute (parent)

Nina Willson (parent)

Jody Mattulke (staff)

Kelly Dias (admin)

Robin Morgan (board representative)