FY25 budget documents are available online. Click to access: Windham Southeast Supervisory Union, Windham Southeast School District, and Vernon Town School District

The vision for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Social Justice at WSESU is to create an affirming learning and teaching environment based on equity and justice to ensure academic and social growth in our community.

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Students First

Concern for our students’ welfare is always our highest priority.

Understanding Self & Others

Students have the best opportunity to thrive when they: (a) know themselves, have the tools to analyze society, and understand how societal inequalities impact themselves and others differently. (b) are open to understanding other peoples’ experiences that are different from their own.

Restorative Action

Social injustices in our schools require prompt acknowledgement and restorative action.

Transformative Process

Our work is not based on predefined outcomes, but on the transformative process.

Diverse Collaboration

Our schools can only make effective and equitable decisions with the integral involvement of key collaborators of diverse backgrounds (students, staff, parents, administrators, school board members, and our wider community).




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