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WSESD Leadership Councils

Approved in a November 2019 vote of the Windham Southeast School District voters, local Leadership Councils were created to assure our schools continue to reflect the needs and spirit of our communities. School-based Leadership Councils are advisory and shall include school administrators, school staff, community members (parents, students when appropriate, and other town residents). If you are interested in serving on your school’s Leadership Council, please contact your school’s principal. A member of the WSESD board sits on each council in order to provide communication between the board and Leadership Councils.


Agendas (containing videoconference links) and Minutes for each Leadership Council are available on separate subpages for each Council.

Academy School Leadership Council Subpage

Brattleboro Area Middle School Leadership Council Supbage

Brattleboro Union High School Leadership Council Subpage

Dummerston School Leadership Council Subpage

Green Street School Leadership Council Subpage

Guilford Central School Leadership Council Subpage

Oak Grove School Leadership Council Subpage

Putney Central School Leadership Council Subpage

Windham Regional Career Center Boards and Committees Subpage

Early Education Services Policy Council




Links to Leadership Council pages on school websites are provided below, where available:

Putney Central School Leadership Council

Brattleboro Area Middle School Leadership Council

Brattleboro Union High School Leadership Council


Academy School

Wakana Aguilar (parent)

Moriah Carney (parent)

Alix Joyal (parent)

Alisha Kaeppel (parent)

Hannah Lindner-Finlay (parent)

Emily Megas-Russell (parent)

Shaunna Morris (parent)

Abby Mnookin (parent)

Gwyneth Mogg-Hall (parent)

Jen Sinton (parent)

Carrie Szlasa Dix (parent) – Co-Chair

Larisa Volkavichuyute (parent)

Nina Willson (parent)

Jody Mattulke (staff)

Kelly Dias (admin)

Robin Morgan (board

Brattleboro Area Middle School

Dan Braden (parent)

Sharon Carlton Newton (parent)

Kelly Coleman (parent)

Maureen Gallagher (parent) – Chair

Lauren Schneski (parent)

Matthew Betz (staff)

Doreen Burke (staff)

Keith Lyman (admin)


Miles Ackerman-Hayes (student) – Chair

Ben Berg (student)

Magdalena Keppel (student)

Ava Rosenzweig-Davidovits (student

Katey Everest (parent)

Lisa Ford (parent) – Chair

Jessica Gould (parent)

Kiera King (parent)

Renee Woliver (parent) – Clerk

Tyler Boone (staff)

Jen Course (staff)

Ricky Davidson (staff) – Chair

Linda Heimerdinger (staff)

Mike Szostak (staff)

Cassie Damkoehler (admin)

Traci Lane (admin)

Hannah Parker (admin)

Rick Mills (emeritus)

Dummerston School

Maeve Jenks (parent) – Clerk

Lance Neeper (parent)

Jessica Newton (parent)

Keri Newton (parent)

Tamara Rosa (parent)

Chelsea White (parent)

Melissa White (grandparent)

Molly Oglesby (staff)

Hannah Van Loon (staff)

Carmen Winchester (staff) – Chair

Julianne Eagan (admin)

Green Street School

Andrea Conkling (parent)

Cindy Douglas (parent)

Lauren Henry Brown (parent)

Chrissy Howe (parent) – Chair

Chelle Martinez (parent)

Leigh Niland (parent)

Michael St. Pierre (parent)

Rebecca Stamulis (parent)

Deb Schiller (staff)

Kate Margaitis (admin)

Guilford Central School

Beth Bristol (parent)

Maggie Foley (parent) – Chair

Erin Tkaczyk (parent) – Clerk

Hannah Tustin (parent)

Renee Baker (staff)

Hannah Salisbury (staff)

Amy Skolnick Buchalter (staff)

John Gagnon (admin)

Oak Grove School

Tricia Hill (staff)

Mary Kaufmann (admin)

Putney Central School

April Brown (parent) – Chair

Tara Castine (parent)

Ruby McAdoo (parent) – Clerk

Jaime Contois (community)

Carolyn Olivier (community)

Lynne Borofsky (staff)

Nancy Gagnon (staff)

Steve Hed (staff)

Jon Sessions (Admin)

Board Representatives on School Leadership Councils

Academy School – Emily Murphy Kaur

Green Street School –

Oak Grove School – Tim Maciel

Dummerston School – Michelle Luetjen Green

Guilford Central School – Shaun Murphy

Putney Central School – Liz Adams

Brattleboro Area Middle School –

Brattleboro Union High School – Kelly Young

Windham Regional Career Center – Anne Beekman

Early Education Services –