WSESD Members


Anne Beekman* – Putney

term expires 2024

Matt Schibley – Brattleboro

term expires 2024

Tim Maciel * – Brattleboro

term expires 2024

Ruby McAdoo – Putney

term expires 2026

Robin Morgan, Clerk – Brattleboro

term expires 2024

Shaun Murphy – Guilford

term expires 2025

Eva Nolan – Dummerston

term expires 2026

Kim Price – Brattleboro

term expires 2026

Deborah Stanford, Vice Chair* – Dummerston

term expires 2025

Kelly Young, Chair * – Guilford

term expires 2024

Jayden Gonzalez – Student Representative

term expires 2024

Alora Lawyer – Student Representative

term expires 2024

* WSESU Board Representatives 

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WSESD Personnel CommitteeMission: Manage and review personnel matters, review and approve 1% requests, participate in Supervisory Union negotiations and other personnel matters as required.

    • Anne Beekman, Committee Chair / Kim Price, Committee Vice Chair/ Kerry Amidon, Committee Clerk

WSESD Policy / Amendment Committee – Mission: Draft Policy and Article Amendment Changes and Additions – to recommend and review establishment and adoption of equitable policies for all WSESD schools consistent with education law and educational best practices.

    • Deborah Stanford, Committee Chair /  Tim Maciel, Committee Vice Chair / Anne Beekman / Eva Nolan

WSESD Finance Committee Mission: The Finance Committee will review and recommend warrants, the capital plan, and the annual budget as determined by the Full Board.

    • Shaun Murphy / Kim Price / Deborah Stanford / Anne Beekman

WSESD Social Justice Committee (note: previously the Board’s Diversity and Equity Committee) – Mission: Foster learning environments in which all members of the school community are safe, feel valued and are appreciated, as well as promote policies and procedures that value equity and diversity in our schools.

    • Robin Morgan / Shaun Murphy / Eva Nolan / Deborah Stanford

WSESD Programmatic and Performance Equity Committee – Mission: Monitor school equity and performance, and work with district staff to develop recommendations to increase equity and performance throughout the district.

    • Ruby McAdoo / Kim Price

WSESD Communications Council – Mission: Increase public engagement with the board’s work through effective communications

    • Ruby McAdoo / Robin Morgan

WSESD Climate Crisis Task Force – Mission: To assist the Board in developing practices, promoting curriculum, and determining purchases that will lessen our environmental and climate change impact.

WSESU Voting MembersMission: Represent the WSESD on the WSESU Board

    • Anne Beekman, Chair / Kerry Amidon, Vice Chair / Tim Maciel / Deborah Stanford / Kelly Young


Board Representatives on School Leadership Councils

Academy School – Robin Morgan

Green Street School -Matt Schibley

Oak Grove School – Eva Nolan

Dummerston School – Deborah Stanford

Guilford Central School – Shaun Murphy

Putney Central School – Ruby McAdoo

Brattleboro Area Middle School -Kim Price

Brattleboro Union High School – Tim Maciel

Windham Regional Career Center – Anne Beekman

Early Education Services – Ruby McAdoo