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WSESU Policies

Code | Policy | Date Adopted


A1. The Role of Policy 08-16-2023


B1. Board Member Education 12-14-2010

B2. Board Goal Setting and Self-Evaluation 05-25-2010

B3. Board Member Conflict of Interest Mandatory 10-11-2023


C4. School Visits by Board Members 12-14-2010

C7. Board Relations with the Administrators 10-11-2023

C8. Board Relations with School Personnel 04-11-2011

C9. Board Commitment to Non-Discrimination 04-22-2013

C9-R Procedures for Handling Complaints of Discrimination 04-22-2013


D1. Personnel-Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Background Checks 04-09-2021

D2. Professional Development Recommended 05-23-2016

D3. Staffing and Job Descriptions 10-11-2023

D4. Educator Supervision and Evaluation: Probationary Teachers 12-14-2010

D5. Personnel Files 10-06-2011

D6. Substitute Teachers Mandatory 11-18-2019

D7. Volunteers and Work Study Students Mandatory 11-18-2019

D9. Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Mandatory 11-18-2019

D10. Resignations 09-27-2010

D11. Public Complaints About Personnel 04-05-2010

D12. Policy on Prevention of Harassment of Employees Mandatory 11-18-2019

D14. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance (HIPAA) Mandatory 05-23-2019

D15. Travel Reimbursement Mandatory 05-23-2019

D16. Electronic Communication Between Employees and Students Mandatory 01-13-2021

D17. Policy on Nondiscriminatory Mascots and School Branding Mandatory 08-16-2023


E1. Fiscal Management and General Financial Accountability 10-03-2012

E4. Financial Reports and Statements 10-06-2011

E5. Risk Management 10-06-2011

E6. Emergency Closings 05-24-2011

E7. Safety and Security of School Facilities 04-05-2010

E8. Tobacco Prohibition Mandatory 12-17-2014

E9. Comprehensive HIV Policy for Schools PreK-12 04-22-2013

E10. School Crisis Prevention & Response 12-11-2012

E10R Procedures for Bomb Threats 12-11-2012

E11. Wellness Policy 02-08-2018

E12. Electronic Communications Use and Retention 10-03-2012

E17. Fire & Emergency Preparedness Drills 10-11-2023


F1. Student Conduct and Discipline 12-10-2013

F1P. Procedures: Student Conduct 12-10-2013

F2. Bus Discipline 04-12-2012

F4. Searches, Seizures, and Interrogation of Students by School Personnel 12-11-2012

F5. Searches, Seizures, and Interrogation of Students By Law Enforcement Personnel or Other Non-School Personnel 10-03-2012

F6. Education Records Mandatory 09-09-2019

F8. Student Medication 12-10-2013

F9. Student Alcohol and Drugs Mandatory 05-23-2019

F10. Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect 11-08-2023

F12. Transportation Mandatory 11-18-2019

F13. Admission of Resident Students 09-27-2010

F14. Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students 12-17-2014

F15. Student Publications 10-03-2012

F16. Head Lice 04-11-2011

F17. Eighteen Year Old Students 12-11-2012

F18. Age of Attendance 12-11-2012

F19. Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion & Acceleration of Students 12-14-2010

F21. Policy on the Use of Restraint and Seclusion 12-13-2011

F22. Student Assessment 10-03-2012

F23. Policy on Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students Mandatory 06-18-2019

F24. Firearms and Dangerous or Deadly Weapons Mandatory 12-06-2018

F25. Student Attendance Mandatory 09-09-2019

F26. Participation of Home Study Students in School Programs & Activities 12-10-2013

F27. Hazing Mandatory 05-25-2010

F28. Student Activities (Elementary) 12-10-2013

F29. Limited English Proficiency Students Mandatory 09-09-2019

F30. Pupil Privacy Rights – Student Surveys Mandatory 09-09-2019

F31. Policy on the Prevention of Bullying of Students Mandatory 09-16-2013

F32. Student Self-Expression and Student Distribution of Literature 12-10-2013

F33. Student Clubs and Activities (Secondary) 12-10-2013

F34. Transgender & Gender Creative Students 02-08-2018

F37. District Equity Policy 12-21-2020

F38. Prevention of Sexual Harassment as Prohibited by Title IX Mandatory 08-16-2023


G1. Curriculum Development and Coordination Mandatory 12-17-2014

G3. Field Trips 05-24-2011

G4. Selection of Library Materials 04-11-2011

G5. Selection of Instructional Materials 04-11-2011

G6. Complaints About Instructional Materials 04-11-2011

G7. Educational Support System Recommended 05-23-2016

G8. Local Action Plan 10-06-2011

G10. Special Education 04-13-2022

G13. Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and the Internet Mandatory 12-13-2011

G14. Animal Dissection Mandatory 11-18-2019

G15. Title I Comparability Policy 05-23-2019

G16. Class Size Policy 04-12-2012


H1. School-Community Relations 04-05-2010

H2. Parental Involvement Policy 10-19-2009

H4. Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Literature in the Schools 12-10-2013

H5. Visits by Parents, Community Members or Media: Interviewing, Filming, Videotaping or Recording 05-24-2011

H6. Annual School Reports 10-06-2011

H7. Leadership Councils 11-08-2023

H8. Access Control and Visitor Management 10-11-2023

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